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Subject: More is Better ch4More is BetterBy: Photo Guy (
Story Consultant and Researcher: Steve
Editor and Proofreader: JereThe author copyrights this story, with permission for posting on the Nifty
Archive. It may not be copied to another website without prior permission
from the author.This is a fictional story ... any similarities to actual people, places,
events or i love pedo other entities free pedo porn is purely coincidental. The story involves gay
sex pedo free japan between family members and their friends, and is written solely for the
reading enjoyment of people who aren't offended by material of this type!
If you are free pedo teen illegal underage, or this type of material is illegal where you live,
please leave now.***Thanks for your encouraging emails after chapter three. It REALLY means a
lot to me to know that other guys (and gals, too ... although I haven't
heard from any for quite a while) are naked teens pedo enjoying my story. If you'd like pedo incest girl to
comment after this chapter, my email address is I
hope you enjoy the chapter!Chapter pedofile gallaries
Four(Ryan continues with the tale.)After Devon hustled to get on his school bus, the rest of us talked for a
while. A steady stream of kids was piling into cars driven by their moms,
or maybe an older brother or sister. Everyone seemed to be in a rush to
get away from school that afternoon. So were we; but our brothers didn't
seem to be in any hurry to pick us up! Finally, the twins' sixteen
year-old brother, Robert, steered his old, dusty-red Camry into the circle
drive. It looked like he had his girlfriend riding with him."Do you guys wanna do anything tonight?" I asked, as the car pulled up next
to us.Carlos stepped off the curb and took hold of the door handle. xxx pedo gallery
David was
right behind him. "Sure!" Carlos replied. He glanced toward his twin
brother, before opening the car door. Then he paused, and while leaning on
the top of the doorframe, he turned toward Kaiden, Eric, and me. His
pearly-white teeth seemed to glow in his dark-brown, Hispanic face, as illegal underground pedo pics he
beamed a big smile in our direction. "How about some video games at your
place?""Awesome!" I agreed. Both of the twins were really good players ... but no
doubt about it, I was better. free porno pedofilia At least I thought so, and told both Carlos
and David as much. Of course, they disagreed ... and we argued the point
good-naturedly."Hey, are you guys coming, or not?" Robert scowled at his younger brothers.
"Amy's mom gets home from work at four-thirty." He glanced toward his
girlfriend and smiled. "And I've got better things to do with my time,
than sit here and listen to you guys argue about who's better at a fuckin'
video game!""Yeah free pedo tgp movie
young pedo girls photos ... yeah, Robert," Carlos mouthed off. He was the younger of the
twins by several minutes, but he had the bigger mouth. Especially now that
he had hit his growth spurt, and David hadn't. Only a few months ago
... when I first met them ... both David and Carlos were equally short.
And they'd been about the same height when school started; but all of a
sudden, Carlos was a couple of inches taller. Anyway, with a grin, he blew
a kiss toward Robert's girlfriend. "We know ... you wanna screw Amy this
afternoon."Several of us had to hold back our laughter, because while Robert wanted to
fuck Amy in the worst way, so far he'd had limited pedo naked little boys
success, at best!As she stared at Carlos, Amy had a look on her face that seemed to shout
out, 'Kids!'. But not deigning to dignify Carlos' accusation with a
response, she pursed her lips, quickly turned around in the seat, and faced
forward.Robert couldn't hold his tongue so well, however. "In the car, right now."
He gunned the motor, to show he meant business. "Or you two girls can
fuckin' spend the night at school!"It was all in fun ... I think ... but not wanting to take any chances,
Carlos flashed a grin in my direction, before ducking into the car and
sliding across the seat. David slipped in beside him, while pulling the
door closed. pedofilia jpeg And as Robert was szex young pedo
driving away, the shorter twin called out
through the open window, "See you guys later tonight!""You bet," pedo gallery child
Kaiden called after them."Carlos is a fun guy," Eric gallery free pedo sex declared, while small children pictures pedo
watching the Camry turn right,
onto the street."He sure is," I agreed. 3d pedo porn "And David's an okay dude, too.""And a better football player," Kaiden added. Both twins played defense
with Kaiden most of the time, but David was a starting linebacker, while
Carlos was generally on the line ... when he got to play at all."Don't let Carlos hear you say that!" I laughed."Yeah," pedo petite sex Eric chuckled, shaking his head. As he was laughing, his train of
thought seemed to change. He was suddenly excited. "Say ... do one of you
guys have a phone?" He eagerly watched Kaiden fish pedophile porn pics a mobile from his
pocket. "Why don't you call the ranch, and see if they can tell you any
more about what happened with my mom and dad?""Sure," Kaiden smiled, as he flipped it open and punched in a few numbers.
The phone on the other end seemed to ring and ring, before Kaiden finally
closed pedo vicky
the top and dropped it into his pocket. "Damn ... it looks like
nobody's at home yet."The three of us were curious if that meant anything or not ... but soon we
forgot about it, as we goofed around outside the school building. Several
minutes passed, and still hentai pictures pedo no sign of Tyler and Chris. Most of our
classmates had long since piled into cars or school buses; hardly anyone
was still around, when Kaiden wondered aloud what was keeping our brothers.
He flipped open his cell phone again and pressed a couple of buttons.Just as he was lifting the phone to his ear, I caught sight of the Tacoma
turning into the circle drive. "There they are," I advised, with an
exasperated sigh. "Finally!""Never mind," Kaiden said into the phone, before pedoland dark collection closing the small device
and slipping it into his blue jeans pocket.Tyler piloted the pickup to a stop in front of us. And he acted like teens e pedo they
were right on time, as we slipped behind Chris into the cramped back seat.
Kaiden was having none of it, however."What kept you guys so long?" he asked in an irritated voice."Um," Tyler smirked into the rear view mirror. "It was all Chris' fault."
He broke out into a laugh, when he turned his face toward Chris.Chuckling, Chris agreed. "Guilty, as charged." Then he broke out into a
full laugh, too."Okay, guys; what gives?" Kaiden asked, the beginnings of a smile crossing
his lips.Tyler told us that Chris had felt hornier than usual after school ... and
that was really saying something! He wanted pedo girl sex pic
to make a detour into a nearby
park, to take care of business before picking us up. Anyway, one thing led
to another, and thai pedo video
by the time they were finished making out, almost twenty
minutes had passed. So while we were standing around school waiting for
them, our pedo boys porno
older brothers were having orgasms."Hey, that's no pedo russian underground girls fair!" Kaiden added, shaking his head."Yeah, we're horny, too." It was Eric kiddy pedo sex who spoke those words. And from the
way he offhandedly made the comment, it was obvious he was beginning to
feel right at home among us."That sounds like something a brother of mine would say," Chris declared.
He twisted his body around, half climbed over the front seat, and gave a
loving noogie to Eric. "Say ... what happened in court, anyway?" he asked,
with an interested smile, just as Tyler pulled the pickup young pedofilia
away from the
curb."I'm gonna be living with you guys ... for a few weeks, at least," Eric
replied, his face beaming."Awesome!" Chris exclaimed, tightly hugging the much smaller boy to
himself. "So you really ARE our brother now.""Uh-huh," Eric eagerly agreed.After Chris let go of him, Eric settled back into the seat between Kaiden
and me. And on the drive back to the ranch that afternoon, Eric's status
in the family was the main topic of conversation. It was safe to say it
was the only thing on Eric's mind. Anyway, while everybody wondered why no
one had answered the phone earlier, none of us tried calling again.The drive home took an eternity that club pedo
afternoon. It seemed like every
traffic light in Boulder turned red just as we were approaching it, and
then Tyler got behind a long line of slow-moving traffic headed north on
the highway. It didn't help any to pedo porn fuck get impatient, but that didn't stop any
of us from voicing frustration at our bad luck. Finally, lollipop tiny pedo up ahead on the
left, I could see the posts and crossbar that signaled the ranch road to
the J bar A. A few minutes after that, Tyler was parking the truck in
front japanese pedo porno
of the main house. All the vehicles seemed to pedo pic ru be there, so everyone
had to be at home. And pedo piks right away, I noticed another familiar car: Cole's
old Subaru wagon was parked in front of the future studio."Eric, pedo sex pics free
let's see if mom and dad are home yet," Tyler said, unbuckling his
seat belt and opening the driver's door."Sure," Eric gave out, with a faint smile.Tina usually always had a snack of some kind waiting for us when we got
home from school. And not just us, all the ranch kids had enjoyed her
freshly baked pedo file cookies more times cp pedo videos movies than I could count. I could tell that
Eric was a little nervous as we crossed the back yard to the Wilson house.
I had been, too, when I pedo girls innocent was in his place a few months earlier. I guess no
kid really enjoys being thrust into new situations like Eric and I had.But after we followed Tyler through the front door, Tina made Eric feel
right at home. She had a plate of homemade cookies on the kitchen table,
and plenty of milk in the refrigerator for us. As we helped ourselves to
both of them, Tina said they were giving Eric the third bedroom. It was
right next to the one Tyler litlle kids pedo porno shared with Chris, on the nights they spent
with the Wilsons.As Tina extreme pedo incest child was showing the bedroom to us, she smiled. "Eric, both Ben and I
know you'd probably rather be living with your friends. black girls pedo
I know I'd feel
that way if I were in your shoes." She pedo fuck pics private paused for a second. "We sure
won't stop you from spending as much time with them as you want. All of us
are just one big happy family around here, anyway." She stepped into the
small bedroom and placed her hand on the cartons of Eric's things. "But a
social worker from the state can make unannounced visits out here. So it
has to LOOK like you live here, at least.""Eric, we'll help you give it a lived-in look," I piped up, coaxing a
little smile from our friend."Thanks for everything," Eric replied ... to me, but especially to Tina.
"I really mean it."He gave Tina a reserved hug, but she was having none of that. She wrapped
her arms around Eric, enveloping him in a short but motherly embrace. "I
don't know if I should say this or not, but Eric, I think you have a the best pedo sex right
to know: pedo cp photos if it wasn't for some old-fashioned rules, Josh or Tim would
probably have custody of you right now. Josh is fighting REALLY hard for
you, Eric." She paused for a moment to let what she'd just said sink in.
"And Eric, I want to let you know, it really doesn't matter what kind of
rules the state has. Josh, Tim, Ben, and I will all be proud to consider
you our son.""Thanks, Tina," our friend mumbled. I think Eric was still having
self-worth issues ... they were like a veil shrouding his face, even though
he didn't mention them out loud. But he baby fuck pedo did give another tentative
half-smile, before asking Tina what had happened in court that afternoon.
All of us knew the hearing had been scheduled for one-thirty."Not much," Tina laughed, before mentioning who was there. Eric's mom and
dad and their attorney were seated at sites pedo free one table, while she, Ben, Tim, Josh,
and their lawyer were at another. She said the judge listened to brief
statements little pretty lolas pedo
from both lawyers, before the social workers, the ER doctor, and
Doctor Martin spoke. Last, the judge made a few comments. "The judge
called you 'the minor in question'," Tina laughed in Eric's direction,
getting a smile from our friend. "Actually, everything went pretty fast.
The judge said a few more nude pedo porn children
things, before giving Ben and me temporary
custody of you, Eric," Tina continued, kiddy pedo picks
before adding, "The next hearing is
scheduled in sixty days."Wow ... two months. On the one hand, it sure seemed like a long time to
me, but on the other, it didn't seem like much at all. I could guess the
conflicting emotions that Eric was feeling right about then: relief
tempered with fear, both excitement and worry about little pedo xxx
his new foster family,
and probably confusion over what was happening to him ... and what WOULD
happen down the road. Hopefully, he was also beginning to feel the love
that everyone on the J bar A felt toward him. I was going to do my best to
show him what pedofilia pics illegal a great family he was getting into.All of us had homework to finish, but Chris and Tyler had to haul water to
the cattle first. And fortunately, neither Kaiden, Eric, nor I had a whole
lot ... even after missing yesterday. Maybe the teachers felt sorry for us
because pedo sex video foto of Eric's situation, or maybe we were just kds girl dark pedo getting better at
finishing the work at school. But whatever the reason, I'd never complain
about having pedo hentai photo too little homework! While our older brothers headed off to
do their chores, the pedo desires
rest of us guys stayed in Eric's room. Immediately,
we hopped illegal pedoland onto the double bed, messing up the quilt and giving the room
'that lived in look'. In a few minutes, I pedo fuck art
had my homework completed."Do you guys wanna come with me?" I asked, closing my 12yo pedo movie
textbook and slipping
it into my backpack. "I'm going to look for Cole.""Um, I'm not quite finished reading chapter five yet," Eric replied. An
open Social Studies book lay on the bed in front of him."Me either," Kaiden agreed. He photos pedo glanced toward Eric, before adding, "We'll
probably be out in a few."Slipping off of the bed and sites de pedofilia hurrying towards the door, I called out, "See
you guys in a little bit, then."Moments later, I was in the back yard. I glanced around, but didn't see
anybody. It was weird; a lot of people lived on the J bar A. But
sometimes, even when everyone was there, the place seemed deserted ... like
it did right now. I decided that maybe our dads were in the studio with
Cole, since the barn doors were wide open. And moments later, I was sure
of it. Josh was pedo schoolgirl speaking, as I entered the building. No wonder the ranch
seemed deserted; it looked like well over half of the guys were either
standing or sitting on the stacks of lumber inside the studio!Josh ... who was also the construction manager for the studio remodeling
project ... held everyone's attention, as I quietly slipped into the room
and hoisted my butt onto the boards next to Cole. He find pedo porn smiled over at me and
tousled my hair, before curling his arm around my shoulder and squeezing me
to his side for a moment. Suddenly, my cock was like iron in my jeans, and
I had to adjust it.Noticing, Cole grinned at me again."So men, that's the plan." Obviously, Josh had just gone over something
important with the cowboys in the room. "Does anybody have any questions?"No one spoke up. I wanted to ask what he was talking about. But since I
was the only person in the room who seemed not to know, I decided not to.
I did glance toward Cole, though. I guess the question must have showed on
my face, because he mouthed that he'd tell me about it later."Okay, then. Thanks for giving me a few minutes this afternoon," Josh
added with a smile. "And thanks for all you do for the J bar A every day!"
Josh broke up the meeting by wishing everyone a good evening.Talking among themselves, Roy and the rest of the cowboys sauntered out of
the room, leaving my three dads, Cole, and me behind."Well, Cole, it sounds like your weekends will be pretty full pedo yong virgins
for the next
couple of months," Ben laughed, while glancing at the backsides of the
retreating cowhands."Yeah," Cole agreed. "I can sure use the money, though." He shook his
head and smiled, as he slipped off of the stack of lumber to his feet.
Cole, a sophomore at C.U., was your typical broke college student. "I
guess you're gonna be seeing a lot more of me, big guy," he added in my
direction."I can xxx pedo kds
handle that," I beamed back at my boyfriend. Yes, weird as it
seemed, hunky, nineteen year old Cole really WAS my anime pedo porno boyfriend. Even today,
I have to pinch myself whenever I think back on those times. 'Amazing' was
the only word to describe everything that had developed between us, since
we first met back in July. Fuck, I loved him so much!Our family is so awesome. It is built upon a strong foundation of openness
and trust, with very few rules: no drugs, pedo sexy films drinking, or smoking, and respect
others the way you want to be respected. The rules apply to the adults as
well as the kids ... talk about fair! pedo pics archive Wow ... over the years, I've known
SO many guys my children pedo pussy anal
age who wished their families were like mine, where
everybody loved each other without reservation. My dads pedo child world had laid down the
law to Cole, when he told them he wanted to be more than just an older
friend to me. But after that, they accepted him completely. Talk about
having rompl pedo hot great parents!Eyeing the stack of lumber where I was sitting, Cole said to me, "I'm gonna
be helping out with chill porn pedo
the framing and drywall in here.""I didn't know you could do that kind of stuff," I replied, hopping down
and walking over next to him."I guess there's a lot about me you don't know," Cole stated."Yet," I added immediately, with a nude yong pedo smile toward my lover.Laughing, Cole shook his head in agreement, before continuing, "I helped pedo toplist dark collection
dad build our house a few years ago." He laughed again, remembering.
"Back then, that was the LAST thing I wanted to do with my summer, and I
told my dad so, every chance I got." He ruffled my hair, and a thick shock
fell forward over my eyes. "But it sounds like knowing how to pound a nail
is going to come in handy, now. I guess my old man was right, after all,
when he said that down the road I'd be happy I'd learned how to work with
my hands."My freckled college man leaned down, and I whispered in his ear, "Yeah
... I'm REALLY glad you can dark tgp pedo do stuff with your hands. Cole, you can pound
my nail any time you want." My cock was sure as stiff as a spike right
about then!With a short laugh, Cole picked me up like a pedo russia sex
little kid. And while I
kicked my feet, in mock disapproval, he teens pedo gallery
turned mini girls pedo porn me upside down and tossed me
over his shoulder like a sack of feed."Supper's in half an hour," Josh advised, with a free child pedo sex knowing smile in our
direction, before he, Tim, and Ben headed towards the door."Okay," Cole answered, "we won't pedo mom daughter real be late.""Wow ... thirty minutes!" I commented to Cole. "What are a couple of guys
gonna do with thirty minutes, anyway?"He just laughed, as he laid me down on top of a short stack of lumber. I
suppose the boards couldn't have been all that comfortable, but honestly, I
didn't notice. Cole pulled my T-shirt over my head, tossing it aside,
before lowering pedo sex gallery his face to mine. With a sense of urgency, our lips met.
We kissed and we kissed; that afternoon, I used everything I'd ever learned
about kissing on my lover. Cole really seemed to appreciate it, too
... giving back WAY more than he got. And at one point, Cole's mouth moved
away from my lips and began to nibble on the smooth skin cp pedoworld of my cheeks and
neck."Mmmm, yeah, Cole," I cooed softly, as he pedo sex teens rubbed his short, scratchy chin
hair over my quivering chest.He gently bit the dark brown skin of my dime-sized right nip, pulling it
away from my slim chest. Like a hungry baby, he sucked my nipples
... first 3d video pedo the right and then the left. And when he finally illegal pedophilia mpegs gave up on
getting anything to drink from them, my once-flat breasts were puckered,
pointed, pedo pictures of nude
and oh so sensitive!Smiling at his handiwork, Cole said, "Damn, your body turns me on so much,
Ryan." His eyes lustfully pored over my naked chest for a while, before he
kissed me again ... much harder this time. The heel of Cole's hand pressed
between my legs; and squeezing gently, his long fingers cupped my
sperm-filled jewels through my jeans.My cock illegal pedo top100 ached for release ... and I moaned, as with trembling fingers, Cole
unzipped my fly. He roughly tugged my blue jeans down my legs, leaving
them bunched-up around my sneaks. And with a sexy smile on his handsome
face, Cole lowered his mouth to my belly button, blowing a loud raspberry
against it. Giggling, I sucked in my stomach, causing him to do it again
... and again ... and again. Soon my body was reduced to a quivering mass
of jelly beneath him. It was like I had lost all control over it.But I guess that was exactly what Cole wanted. I was at that stage in a
boy's development where my dick pedo gallery pedo kds clip
seemed to be getting bigger every day.
With a lecherous glint in his gray eyes, Cole pried my seriously hard penis
away from my sparse crop of pubes. He examined it closely for a long
moment; and apparently it must have met with his approval, because he
smiled and licked his lips, before taking hold of the swollen head. Using
his fingers, Cole forced the pee-hole open, then tried to fuck it with the
tip of his pedo fuck story tongue, before closing his mouth around my pole.Shit! Without warning, I felt cum enter the base of my shaft. And
immediately, I was unloading into Cole's mouth. He seemed surprised, but
kept sucking anyway, until he had swallowed every drop.After my orgasm had run its pedo time photo course, Cole let my cock slip from pedo ru sex
his mouth.
It popped tight against my belly, as he smiled. "Fuck, Ryan," he began, "I
forgot you're a thirteen year pedo girl masturbating old with a hair trigger.""Yeah," I agreed sadly. Okay ... I admit it; I still had feelings vides pedo of
inferiority around Cole from time to time. "I know I don't match up very
good, compared to the other boyfriends you've had."Shaking his head, my college guy laughed; but it wasn't a derisive one
... the kind you might expect from a nineteen year old talking down to a
kid my age. "What do you mean?" he continued. "It's the other guys who
come off second best compared to you!" He'd told me that before ... but I
guess I needed to hear it pedo fuck forum again that afternoon. He kissed me lovingly.
Cole was such an awesome guy ... somebody who could have probably had any
gay man on the C.U. campus as his boyfriend. pedofilia sex movies free Unbelievably, he had chosen
me.I could only shake my head in wonder, at my good fortune!"One of these days, Ryan ... when we've got a couple of hours ... I want to
see how many times I can get you to cum before the well runs dry."A sly smile crossed Cole's lips, as he pumped my tanned spigot a couple of
times."That sure sounds like fun to me!" I exclaimed, thinking it would probably
take more than a couple of hours ... since yr 12 pedo
I'd never run out of cum before.
I sat up and wrapped my arms around Cole. Groping his strong back muscles
through the gold T-shirt he was wearing, I laid my head on the shoulder of
the man I loved with all my heart ... or, at least ... as much as a
thirteen year old knows how to love another person.We hugged and kissed, until Cole said we'd better head inside for supper.
He was right; and of course I pedo xxx thumbs knew it. But still, I sighed deeply. I
would have been content to spend the rest of my life gently folded in his
strong arms ... or, at any rate, stay there until breakfast!***I think those two guys have such a hot relationship. Originally, I had no
plans to end this chapter here, but after I'd written that last line, I
decided it was the perfect spot for it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading
it. It seems like Eric's situation has at least a temporary closure.Of course, I'd like to hear from you if you enjoyed the chapter: you would like to join the Yahoo! Group for my stories, you can do that
here: And if you've never
read the earlier stories in this series, you might enjoy them. They're
also in the Gay/Incest area of the Nifty Archive."I'll Suck You" - Final Post Date: June 25, 2007
"I've Got the Best Family" - Final Post Date: May 23, 2008
"Us Guys" - Final Post Date: May 29, 2009Or you can go to the "Prolific Authors" tab and scroll down to my pen name
... Photo Guy.Have a great week, guys! Greg
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