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Mon, 23 Mar 2009 16:33:54 -0400
From: J H
Subject: mother and daughter find new lover 7Disclaimer: 12-16 having sex pic
This story is entirely fiction and any resemblance to
persons real or imaginary is completely coincidental. If this story is
offensive to you then STOP READING IT!!!!This will probably be the last chapter for a 9mm federal brass few weeks. As I will not
have a lot of time in the near future to be writing this. All feedback
is welcome at sexstoriesbyjefflive.com.Jeff and Justin's First Time It was about 7 in the morning when I got out of bed. Gabrielle and
Shelly were still snuggled together asleep. We had been going at it for a
while during the night even without Morgan there. It was probably because
we were envisioning what Justin and Morgan were doing to each other in
their room. I also had on my mind what I hoped Justin and I would be doing
later that morning. I had asked Morgan to seduce Justin during the night
but to let big mama 5 porn
him save his energy in the morning 15yo angels fucking for our fun. She told me
that was fine because 1967 gto xxx after she got up, she was going to have the fun she
missed with Gabrielle and Shelly. I went into the kitchen to make myself
some breakfast. I was wearing my robe with a pair of shorts on underneath.
About halfway through my cereal, Morgan came bouncing into 15yo hard sex
the kitchen
stark naked.
"Looks and sounds like you too had fun last night."
"Oh yes, he is a great fuck! I also told him about us and from what
I can gather nude 16 kids by our lovemaking, you and he should have a good time this
morning. I also did as you asked and snuck out on him without so much as a
good morning blowjob. He should have a nice reserve of pent up energy for
"Thanks, I missed you last night."
"I missed you too. I don't think we'll have to worry about that from
now on."
I finished my cereal and then went to the room where Morgan and
Justin slept. I knocked on the door gently and heard a bright and cheerful
"Come in" from Justin. I opened the door and went in. He was still lying
in bed and had what seemed like a dazed look on his face. Apparently he
was still surprised by what Morgan revealed to him both physically and
"Did you have a good night last night? I'm sorry I didn't tell you
about our lifestyle but I thought it would be best if Morgan explained our
situation. cramps 20 weeks pregnant By the smile on your face, it looks like she did a good job. I
didn't talk much to 14yr old fucking hardcore Morgan this morning as she was in a rush to satisfy
herself with her mom and Shelly, so how much did she tell you?
"She basically talked about how her and her moms have hardcore 3somes gangbangs orgies been lovers for
a few years and with Shelly for a 1940s female glamorous costumes little bit less. She also explained how
you and 6 patio swings her mom met and kind of what the four of you have been up to
including your relationship and the vows you all took as lovers."
"And what are your feelings about that?"
"I'm impressed by how loving a family you all are and not just in the
sexual sense. The four of you really care for each other."
"I should then tell you a little more about me. Since I have been
living with them I have become much more experimental with sex. In fact,
the first night I fucked Gabrielle I then let her fuck me in the ass with
her dildo. From that, I realized that I had a certain curiosity towards
being bisexual; kind of like you."
"I think Morgan did mention something about that."
"That's good. Ever since we had thought about the possibility of
getting another male in the house so I can truly experience gay sex. I was
weary of the idea at first, not because I didn't like the thought of having
sex with 14 yo cunt tgp a guy but more I was worried about revealing too much of our
behavior to an outsider. However, when I first heard of your problem I
thought this might actually be the opportunity. After I met you, I felt an
extreme sexual attraction to you. It took a lot of restraint to keep
myself from dragging you into the bedroom and making love to you. This is
probably a lot for you to take in, but if you 15 yo illegal
are OK with it, I would like
to help you explore your sexuality and hope you will help me with mine. It
is OK if you don't want to or don't 4shared group sex
want to take part in our family fun,
all I would ask is that you still stay with us and don't tell anyone about
our secret."
Justin then got up from the bed revealing his nakedness. I was
entranced by his cock which looked so beautiful and hard. unlock iphone 4 He then came up
to me and put his arms around me and kissed me hard on the mouth.
"I know I haven't known you long, but I love you. I love you for
taking me in with my problem, I love you for helping me with my uncle, I
love you for wanting to help me discover my sexuality, but mostly I love
you and want to make love to you."
I kissed him back and then grabbed his cock and started playing with
it. It looked to be about seven inches long and of average girth. I had a
feeling that I wouldn't have too much of a problem taking that in my ass
since I had already been practicing with the girls and amateur orgies 32 their strap- ons
were about the bleach opening 13 same size.
"Justin, I'm glad you are open to amateur 34c tits what this family has been all about
the past few months. I think you will afosh std 161-2
find it very enjoyable. Now why
don't we lie on the bed and jack each 6 star escort sammyboy other off a bit."
"I like that idea."
We both lied down on insex 65dsl jen x
the bed next to each other and each grabbed the
other one's cock and started playing with it. I loved the feel of his cock
in my hand. It was the fact that he was uncut that I enjoyed y o nude 14 most about
stroking his cock. We played with each other for 1984 traci lords a few minutes, neither of
us wanting to make the other one cum just yet as we had a lot we wanted to
do still. We each moved over onto our sides so we were facing each other
and then moved closer together. I then took a hold of my cock and started
rubbing the head against his cock and particularly its head. Being the
most sensitive part, it didn't take long before the sensation started to
overtake us. Again, I didn't want us to cum too soon, particularly not
until we had a place for the cum to go, namely in the other one's mouth or
ass. I let go of his cock and pulled him into an embrace and kissed him on
the mouth. I let my tongue explore the inside of his mouth as his did the
same to mine. Today was the first time I had ever kissed another male like
this and so far I was liking the way it felt. My hands rubbed him all
over, his back, his chest, his thighs and his ass. After a few minutes of
making out I broke off the kiss.
"Justin, I want to suck your cock. Will you let me?"
"As long as I get to do you also."
"We can try doing a 69 later, but for now I want to do the things to
another guy that I have enjoyed being done to me by the girls. Will you
let me do that first?"
"Yes, I want to know if you are better than Morgan or not."
"I don't know, that's a tough act to 10 girls masturbating follow."
"Well let's find out."
He moved over a little further on the bed and I laid down on my side
almost across his body so we were in a T and my head was resting on his
flat stomach. He was rock hard but his foreskin provided a nice softness
on the outside. I held his cock in my hand almost admiring it and brought
it closer to my mouth so he could feel my warm breath on its head. I then
popped the head of his cock in my mouth. Just like I had practiced taking
a cock in the ass from the girls I had also practiced sucking a cock with
them too. I had practiced a few of the MOVEI FREE Z0O SEX
things that they had done to me and
wanted to try them out on a real cock such as licking the shaft, sucking
the soft spot and deep-throating. Now I was going to get my chance. I let
my mouth fall part way down his shaft. I heard Justin let out a sigh as he
felt the warmth of my mouth envelope his cock. I went down on him a few
more times before I came back up and took his head back into my mouth
again. I sucked on his head a little bit and then licked it all over. I
felt his body shiver a little bit as I licked the head of his cock. I can
tell that he was really enjoying the sensation. He must have really been
enjoying because before I knew it he had sat up and grabbed my leg and
pulled the lower half of my body closer to him and very quickly took my
cock into his mouth.
"I'm sorry, Jeff", Justin said to me after going down on me a couple
times. "I had to have your cock. The things you were doing to me made it
too hard to resist. Let's see if we can get each other off at the same
"OK" I 38 bust said as stuffed his meat back into my mouth again.
I then decided right then and there that I was going to try my
favorite technique on him. I brought his cock out of my mouth and took my
tongue up and down his shaft. I finally stopped on the soft "sweet" spot
and sucked on it with my lips. The sensation of doing the things to
another man that three very beautiful women had been doing to me made me
wish I had taken to cocksucking a long time ago. Meanwhile, Justin was
matching me move for move. He had begun going down on me a few time and
very soon after was licking the shaft of my cock and then followed suit by
using his lips to suck on my sweet spot. It was difficult to tell how his
orgasm was coming but I could definitely feel one building up. I sucked on
the underside of barely legal 15 porno his cock for another minute or so before going back to
going down on him. I was glad I did because I could hear his breathing
quicken meaning he was close to cumming. After my mouth pumped his shaft a
few more times I felt his cock spasm in my mouth which fisting 12 yo
he quickly filled
with his cum. I didn't swallow it right away but let it pool in my mouth a
little as I continued to go down on him allowing his cock to be coated 14yo cum gallery with
his jizz. I then savored the salty bittersweet taste of his cum before
swallowing every drop of it. I pulled my mouth off of his cock and began
pumping it big pretty titties 2
with my fist. Meanwhile he started going down on me gay 90s pizza again and I
couldn't take it anymore.
"I'm cumming" I announced to Justin as my cock erupted in his mouth
filling it with my cream.
My cock came free of his mouth and I heard him swallow.
"I do like the tangy flavor of male cum!" Justin said as he licked my
cock a few more times.
"That was a first time for me except for what I tasted on the lips of
the girls when they've given me blowjobs. I have to admit I like it too."
I then sat up ps3 porn themes for a second and repositioned myself so I could lie
down next to him and when I did started making out with him again. We
kissed for a few minutes and then held each other for free 13 age porn
a little while.
"Why don't we jump in 12yo blowjob
the shower and get cleaned up a little." I said
to him.
"OK, 80 s drag queen
that sounds like fun."
"We went into the spare bathroom and got into the shower. The warm
water felt great on our bodies. We kissed a few times and then started
soaping each other up. I lathered up the 32 colt fired brass shower poof and started rubbing
it across his cock and balls. I then had him turn around. I took my hand
and separated his ass cheeks 1free jamaican porn
and rubbed it up and down free mpeg4 porn vids his crack a few
times. 14 yo naked tgp He seemed to relax a bit as I soaped him in that spot. I think he
understood why I was doing it and had no intention of stopping me. I then
took the detachable shower head from its anchor and 13 yr old porn
changed the setting to
a pulse setting and held it right at the opening of his ass. I Keelee shemale 917
used my
other hand to pull his cheeks apart again so I could access as much as
possible with the water jet. I then handed both to him and let him do the
same to me. After that we dried off and got out of the shower. I wrapped
the towel around both of us and kissed him deeply.
"I hope you're 7-10 fuck
enjoying this first experience as much as I am."
Justin said to me.
"Oh believe me, I am."
We then finished drying off and went back into Morgan's bedroom.
"Why don't we see what the girls are up to?" I asked Justin.
"OK, I'm kind of curious myself. escorts near 88345
Especially since I haven't had much
exposure to either Shelly or Gabrielle yet."
"Don't worry, you will and 16 yr nude girls
you'll love it."
We went into the master bedroom to find Shelly and Gabrielle lying on
opposite ends of the king sized bed in scissor leg position rubbing their
pussies together. naked 15 yo Morgan had her face right where the two were tribbing
licking both pussies furiously. Only a minute or so after we entered the
room so heard both girls scream in unison with an intense orgasm while
Morgan's face was wet with the juices of both girls that had oozed out 15 age girl fucking of
their pussies all over each other.
"Aww, we missed the show." Justin said
"Well, it's not like we got to see what you two were doing either."
Morgan said as she wiped the juice from around her mouth and then licked
the spot on her arm that had wiped it up. "What were you up to by the
"Not much really. We just kissed and played with each other and then
got into a 69." I replied.
"Not much you say! That was one of the most intense sexual
experiences I've ever had." Justin replied.
"Justin you haven't been having sex that long. Was it better than
what we did?" Morgan asked.
"Not better but very different. It's an amazing feeling to suck cock
and have yours sucked at the same time. Especially when we're doing the
same things to each other."
"Now Morgan, don't try to compare. We all enjoy our little fun
equally. Nice response though, Justin." Gabrielle said.
"We just got out of the shower and thought we would see what you
three were up to."
"A shower, that sounds like a good idea." Gabrielle said to Morgan.
"I'll wait until you two are done." I want to sit out here and talk
to the guys a japanese u-tube 8 porn
while." Shelly replied.
"That was really hot what you three were xxx 14 sexy girls
doing!" Justin said to
"It was xxx porn 18 for me too. However, I'd like to see you two do some more."
"I'd like that too actually. Jeff, I think I'm ready to take you in
the ass."
"Are you sure?" I asked him.
"Yes, I think that since you have the experience of letting the girls
fuck you with their strap-ons, you know what will work best for me who has
not done anything like under 16 sex com that yet."
"OK, 70 porno pics in a way I was hoping for that 14 y.o. porn
which is why I washed your ass
this morning and had you do mine as well."
Shelly took Justin by the hand and led him to the bed and had him lie
down on his back with his ass on the edge of the bed and had him spread his
legs. She then went over to the nightstand and took out the tube of KY and
squeezed some onto her finger which she then applied it to Justin's virgin
"If you do it this way so you can see each other it will make the
event more personal for both of you. At least that's what I read." Shelly
said to us.
"I'm fine with that." Both Justin and butthole surfers mp3 I said incest 10 y to her.
Shelly then squeezed more out of the tube and started rubbing it on
my cock which had gotten rock hard in anticipation of what was about to
happen. Just after Shelly had lubed up my cock, Morgan and Gabrielle came
out of the bathroom drying off.
"Oh good, we get to watch Jeff take Justin's anal cherry." Gabrielle
said. "Do you mind if we watch?"
"No, not at all. I mean we're all family now after all." Justin
I went over to the nightstand to get some condoms out of the drawer.
Justin saw me and looked a little disappointed.
"Jeff, since I was a virgin until last night and the only people
you've had sex with is each other the last couple years Ls magazine 3 I don't think we're
in danger of transmitting any STD's. If it's all right with you, I like my
first time getting fucked in the ass to nubile 13 yo be bareback."
"Are you sure?" I asked him.
"Definitely, and I want you to cum inside my ass. I will be more
than happy to do the same to you if you like."
"OK, I thought I should at least assume you wanted to be completely
"After all you've done for me I'm pretty sure I can trust you."
First I took the KY from Morgan and put some on my hand and rubbed it
in so it would be lubricated. I christian dating site 20 then put my forefinger on the entrance to
Justin's ass and slowly pushed in. He smiled a bit and relaxed letting his
ass take my finger. I then moved it back and forth a few times before
inserting my middle 3 wheel adult tricycle finger in there as well. Justin started breathing a
little quicker but I could tell he was still enjoying it. I then pulled
both fingers out and put both back but added my ring finger as well.
Justin's breathing got heavier but he also had an urging look on his girls 10-12 y.o. face
like he wanted me to continue. I then pulled all three fingers out and
placed my steel hard cock at the entrance to his shitter and gently pushed
in. I heard him gasp a bit but he still looked OK.
"The burning you feel at first won't last long. It's best to relax a
little." I told him.
I heard him exhale as he appeared to relax his muscles and let his
sphincter take my cock head. I then pulled it slowly and then re-inserted
it so he could get used to the feeling. This time I didn't pull it out but
pushed a little farther than the last time and pulled back. c.p. 13 y.o.
By this time
Justin looked like he was really enjoying the sensation. I can't say I
blamed him because I liked the way it felt myself after having taken a
dildo in the ass a few times. I continued to slowly move my cock in and
out of his ass. I could hear the squishing sound of the KY easing the
passage of my cock into his ass.
"Oh Jeff, fuck me faster. I really want to feel your cock pummeling
my ass!" Justin moaned at me.
I increased my pace even more. Having never been fucked before his
ass was really tight around my cock but the lube was allowing quick
movements that really built up the friction in my shaft. porn 80s I kept up my
frenzied pace and started to feel the pressure of my orgasm building up in
my cock. I didn't think I was going to be able to hold on much longer.
"Oh yes, Jeff, that feels great. Keep fucking me. When you're ready
to cum shove your cock in as far as it will go."
I could tell that Justin was really into this so I obliged him and
sped up my pace even more. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. My last
thrust went in as far as it would go where I held it while my cock emptied
load after load of sticky cum into his ass. 18-19 porn forum I looked down 3rd grade sex change
at tiny 8 sex pics
him to see
the most blissful look on his face after having been fucked in 3rd world naked
the ass for
the first time. I continued to hold my cock in as far as it would as I
bent over him and kissed him firmly on the mouth. He returned the kiss
with equal passion before I slowly pulled my cock out of his ass. There
was only a little bit of his shit on my cock after I pulled out of him.
That was mostly the reason why I had us wash each other so thoroughly down
"I will never forget bleach e 9
this experience 13 gal trashcan as long as I live. That was
amazing. I hope you don't mind me having the girls fuck me that way when
you're not around or can't do it."
"Hey, if they're good enough for me, they're good enough for you."
I looked over to where Gabrielle, Morgan, and Shelly were sitting
watching us and they all had their hands on their pussies fingering
themselves to an orgasm.
"That was so beautiful to watch." Shelly said. "I want to see more
so after Jeff goes and cleans his cock off, it will be your turn to fuck
him Justin."
"Here Jeff, I'll go bare-2-breakers san francisco help you." Gabrielle said as she got up and
walked with me into the bathroom. "I like cleaning your cock off."
"Eww, gross!" pic 03 yelled 36dd shemale Morgan.
"Not that way you perverted slut." Gabrielle yelled back.
Gabrielle and I went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower
and turned on the water. She grabbed the washcloth and soaped it up really
good and then began rubbing my cock and balls building up a nice lather all
over them.
"So, what did you think of your first time with another man?"
Gabrielle asked me.
"I loved it. I loved sucking a cock the way you girls sucked mine
all those times. I also enjoyed fucking Justin's ass, although I can't
wait until he does me. That is what I'm really looking forward to. I
especially want to feel what it's like to have another man shoot his cum
into my ass. I'm glad we found Justin. Finding someone who trusts us and
we can trust in return makes this experience possible."
"I'm glad you enjoyed it so much."
"When I'm done with him, I'm going to let you and Shelly have him for
a while since he hasn't gotten the opportunity to fuck either of you too
yet and I know he's got to be wanting to. I know I would be if I was a kid
his age and the opportunity presented itself."
"I would have liked to have been there for that one."
We finished cleaning up and dried off. We came back into the bedroom
to see Justin eating Shelly's pussy while Morgan was getting eaten by
"Obviously, 70s porno movies they couldn't wait any longer."
Justin appeared to be licking Shelly's clit with reckless abandon and
was taking no prisoners. Meanwhile it looked like Morgan was already
cumming as we saw her juices girls 16 yo dripping down Shelly's chin and running down
onto her tits. It was a beautiful sight.
"Ohhh, Justin, keep sucking my clit. That feels so good. Stick your
finger into my pussy as far as it will go. I want you to tongue 16 yers porno movie fuck and
finger fuck me.
Justin did what was asked of him and in no time Shelly was having her
orgasm. Justin's face was slick with her juices. Gabrielle went over to
him and kissed him hard probing his mouth with her tongue to get as much of
the juices as he could. Not wanting to be left out, I went over to Shelly
and did the same. I always did love the taste of girl cum.
"That was great!" Justin said 13 fucking girls "Now I'm rock and hard and ready to
fuck you, Jeff."
"OK, let's go over to the bed and get ready."
I got on the bed and laid on it with my ass right on the edge of it.
Morgan came over and applied the KY to Justin's cock and then rubbed 360 webcam some
around my asshole. She then stuck a finger in to get it primed for what it
was about to take. Fortunately, because of my anal 14 y o tgp activities with the
girls, my bali panties style 2437 ass had already become accustomed to having something the size of
Justin's cock inside it so she anak mami mp3 didn't have to move her finger in and out porn free 365
me very long. For the most part, it was to rub the KY 1 person sex
on the inside of my
ass. Justin then came up to me and stuck the head of his cock right up
against my asshole and rubbed his cock against it a few times as my ankle
went up on his 16 yo upskirt
shoulder. I enjoyed the feeling that gave but I was ready
to take breasts erotic 19 him.
"Please, don't tease it, just stick it in. I'm ready for board3 pics it." I
told Backyard sluts 9
He slowly pushed his cock against it and the head popped inside my
sphincter. It felt good but I wanted 10 yo sex pics more.
"Push it in more, I want to 70 s pron stars feel your cock head inside me as far as
it will go."
He continued to push inside me and before I knew it I was feeling his
cock against my prostrate. If I wasn't hard already I certainly was now.
He then backed off some and pushed forward yet again. I think he might
have been afraid of hurting me but I had been waiting for this for a 12 yers porno
"That feels good. Push faster. Fuck my ass hard!"
He didn't disappoint. He increased the tempo and in no time had a
nice kd porn 6-12 tgp quick rhythm going. I was loving the feeling. I was so in love with
Justin right now azulongmon digimon world 3
that I wanted to rub my hands all 6 inch penis hard over his body and have
him do the same. Thinking that gave me an idea.
"Justin, stop for a minute and pull out, I want to change positions.
I want you to get on the bed as well and fuck me from behind with both of
us lying on our sides."
He slowly bollywood outfits in 1960 backed off. His cock slid easily from my ass just as if lsm14-05-04 I
was taking a shit. It actually felt nice as it left. I would have to have
him do that a few times as well sometime. Just pushing in and them pulling
completely out created and great sensation as well. He then got on the bed
with me right behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart and shoved his cock
inside. He then began the rhythm 14 yers girls fucked that he had going earlier while rubbing
my boobs over 18
chest with his hands. After a while his hands moved down and started
pumping my cock which was rock hard from all the contact with my G-spot.
"Oh Justin, that feels so good. Keep fucking me...make me your
bitch. Do what I did to you and shove your cock in as far it will go when
you cum."
He kept the rhythm going for a couple more minutes and then he
couldn't hold it anymore. He pushed into me hard and held it there while
his thick gooey cum splattered the insides of my ass. 12changirls
It was a very weird
feeling having a warm thick liquid like cum coating the inside of your ass
but it was a feeling that I knew I loved and wanted to experience much more
often. He pulled his cock out and rested it against my ass as he rubbed my
chest and kissed my back.
"Oh Justin, that felt so good. I definitely want to do that a lot
"I guess you can say we're no longer bi-curious. We both are now
completely bisexual."
"OK guys, now it's our turn with Justin." Shelly said as she and
Gabrielle pulled him up and led him towards the bathroom.
"After we get him cleaned up, we want to have our way with him and I
get to go first since you got him while Jeff and I were in the bathroom."
Gabrielle pouted.
They disappeared into the bathroom leaving Morgan and I in the room.
She looked incredibly beautiful smiling at me.
"Why don't we go into your room and let them have some time to
"OK, I feel 11yo sex like just relaxing with you in bed for a 14yr nude girl while. I always
enjoy snuggling with you."
Morgan and I went into her room where we both collapsed on the bed
and kissed and petted for a while.
"So, what did you think of your first truly bi experience."
"I loved it. Now I know tpg porn 16 how much fun you, your mom, and Shelly were
having all those times we've been together. You really do get the best of
both worlds."
"Yes, it is, and it's especially nice when you and Justin are such
great fucks. Not only is it great when your fucking us but it's also fun
to watch when you're fucking each other."
"I guess taking him in has helped more than just him."
Morgan and I did end up fucking while we were in there. I couldn't
pass it up as she was so hot. We fell asleep in each other's arms and
after we woke up we went back into the master bedroom where Justin,
Gabrielle, and Shelly were still going at it. We sat down in the love seat
and masturbated while they finished and then crawled into the huge king
sized bed with them before we all fell asleep for the night. The rest of
the weekend pretty much followed the same pattern but was definitely a sign
of what was to come in the years ahead.
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